9 Nov

The World’s Largest Treasure Hunt

http://www.mikesastrophotos.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/tucson-fossil-1.jpg Make sure to check out the Tucson Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Showcase, running from February 1-16, 2014. Wait—the what? A gem and mineral show? Isn’t that just a bunch of rocks and old stuff? Well, kinda. But it’s way, way Read More →
10 Feb

Get to Know the Catalina Foothills

Snowcapped-Mountains-in-Winter The Catalina Foothills rise gently from the City of Tucson below to the base of the Majestic Catalina Mountains.  The beautiful area is known for its incomparable desert and mountain views plus many outdoor activities within minutes of your vacation home. Read More →
4 Feb

Agua Caliente and the Hidden Oasis

agua09mm After six years in Tucson, I figured I’d already explored every natural area worth the name. It’s nice to be proven wrong. A great post over at desertlavender.com nails it. Less than 30 minutes from Reflections Twenty yet a world Read More →
22 Jan

Go for a Hike in Glorious Sabino Canyon

sabino-canyon-flickr One of our favorite hiking spots in the Tucson area, nearby Sabino Canyon feels a world apart. Backpacker Magazine called Sabino Canyon one of the best hikes ever! A few words from the Sabino Canyon Tours website: Experience the beauty of one of Read More →